Sunday, January 11, 2009


Duncan is still very close with some of his high school friends. Back in 2000, the __TP or the __Tree Party was born. It was decided that being neither on Christmas or New Year's, it could not be a Christmas or New Year's party. Back in 2000, it was the Fir Tree Party.

Very profound, I know.

Ever since, there have been__Tree Parties of many varieties.
There was the Palm Tree Party, in Southern California, of course.
There was the Crab Tree Party, hosted by us in Maryland.
There was the Honeymoon Tree Party, immediately following the wedding of one of these friends, in his house even. Fortunately for he and his new bride, they were NOT present.
Then there was the Orange Tree Party in the actual OC.
Next was Anniversary Tree Party. The sixth __TP, but also the fifth anniversary of the original FTP.
This was followed by the Natal Tree Party the year in which every one of the friends (well, their wives, I guess) had a baby. (Violet is the oldest of the five babies that were born in 2006. Four of these babies were present at the WTP. One had to stay home in CA.)
Last year was the California Rustic Tree Party, on the west coast again.

Which brings us to the __TP of 2008: The Wing Tree Party.

Wings are a very important element to all of these parties and it was decided that they should finally get the attention they deserve.

What is all of this silliness you ask? It comes down to a bunch of guys and their wives (and now their many children) that loves each other and have a blast getting together once a year. Not everyone makes it to every one (Well, except for Alan. He's been to every one.), but a _TP happens every year and I imagine (and hope) they will continue to happen for many years to come. Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, the WTP:

Linus became buddies with Alan, who traveled the farthest. He and one of his daughters flew in from CA to attend the grand event.

Aubrey and Amelie got reacquainted too.

Our host, Culp, prepared the guest of honor: Wings!

The Wings.

Linus gave them a try.

Amelie read to Wade.

Duncan gives baby Jill her first taste of Coke.

Duncan and Amelie spend some quality time with Baby Jill.

(Almost) The whole gang:
11 adults (2 not pictured) and 11 kids (one in utero) shared 1600 square feet and one bathroom for a little less than 24 hours. Until next year, y'all.

Will it be a Peach Tree Party?

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Mrs. Fix said...

Looks like a lot of fun -- Will the Peach Tree Party be in Georgia?