Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Daycare Center

Duncan and I tried our hand at home day care a few weeks ago. The Skellys (the family of Baby Jillian of the previous posts) were to stay with us the Sunday of the WTP and head down to their family in Virginia on Monday morning. Duncan took a half of a day off to be able to spend time with them before they left. (This turned into a full day. You'll see why as you keep reading.) We hadn't seen them in four years, after all! Andrew and Duncan were friends in high school, roommates during their freshman year at Penn State and again in State College while Duncan worked for the CCO. The nice thing about the Skellys is that no matter how long between visits, it feels like no time at all. I think this was the fifth time I was even with Jocelyn (the first being a simple hello when Andrew introduced us before they were even dating and the second being at their wedding!). However, I feel like we've known each other for years and see each other often. She's just that kind of friend for me. So, we wanted to soak in all of the time we had with them, which wasn't much and is why Duncan took off from work.
Well, we got a "bonus." The Skellys managed to get food poisoning between the WTP and arriving at our house. They didn't know this until the wee hours of Monday morning, however. Andrew and Jocelyn were sick. Really sick. They could barely get out of bed!
The bonus, you ask? We got to know their three oldest the next day, as we fed and played with them. We got to visit with Jocelyn and Andrew as they laid in bed and sipped Jello and water and Sprite. We got to share funny stories about their kids and ours with them. (To read Jocelyn account of the story, click here.)
Do I wish they were well?
Of course! But had they been well, we wouldn't have had an extra 24 hours with them! It was a true pleasure to get to know Jason, Beth, and Adam. And it was a joy to serve Andrew and Jocelyn while they were under the weather.

Jocelyn, I unfortunately didn't get too many pictures. I was a tad busy:).
Fun with Play-doh on Monday morning.

Bedtime stories on Monday night.

A daycare center? Come on, how hard could it really be?

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Lynn said...

This story was just as crazy when I heard it from you in person!

Anytime you want to borrow Adeline for a day to test out your daycare theory...I would be more than happy to help. ;o) Thanks again for watching her yesterday...