Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stitches, Part 2

For Linus, visiting Hershey, PA meant two stitches in his left eye brow.

Stupid coffee table with the sharp-edged legs. What were those hotel people thinking?

Is it Thursday? Already?


Anonymous said...

He must not have had his glasses on. My husband treats his glasses as if they are safety goggles.

Did you visit Hershey Park too or only the hospital?


Nancy said...

He did not have his glasses on, Chris. You are right! I've wondered if it'd have been worse if he'd had them on. Guess we'll never know.

Short Stop said...

OH NO! Poor little sweetie.

I'm SO with you. I have NO idea why they make those hotel coffee tables so sharp. UGH!

Lynn said...

That mean table had no business injuring that cute little face.

Annie said...

Linus looks as cute as ever...even with stitches!
I've been thinking of you this month. I hope you are having a rich and wonderful and blessed that will hopefully make up for your lost time a year ago!

Mrs. Fix said...

Oh dear! Poor thing! Maybe since he didn't have his glasses on, he didn't see it :)