Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Haircut

No, not Linus', but Amelie's!! I've been a parent for just over 4.5 years and I've never gotten a hair cut for any of my children.
Amelie didn't have much hair to speak of until she was two. Here's a picture of her on the day we brought Violet home from the hospital. Amelie is just two weeks shy of her second birthday in this shot. Not much hair, eh?
When her hair did finally start to come in, even though it was rather uneven, I couldn't fathom cutting it off! We had waited so long for it! We'd endured the "How old is he?" question a few too many times to cut off the primary evidence of her girlness!
So another two and a half years later, today, the day, came. She was ready. I was ready. So we went ahead with it.

Here's the before picture.

And after. Not a huge difference. We just evened it up and cut off all of the straggles.

Being wet down. I love her face in this one.

The first snip.

The lollipop and Claire's Boutique behind her. We spent more on new hair accessories than the haircut itself, I think.

Here's to no more split ends!


CA Skellys said...

The cut looks great! We have similar experiences around here, no hair on my 2 year olds and their first cut not coming until a year or so later. Beth was almost 4 for her first haircut (which was just a trim that I myself did!) So here's to bald babies (and bald 2 year olds :)

Lynn said...

aww...she looks ADORABLE! Love those healthy bouncing curls. Ironically, Adeline had her first cut today. We went along with daddy for his trim, and the hairdresser (family friend) offered to trim the top layer of Adeline's hair to try to get her curls to bounce back. You can't really notice the difference, but it does look healthier.

Mrs. Fix said...

Looking good Amelie! You waited 4 and a half years, we cut Rock's hair at three weeks! He was such a hairy beast. Anyway, all this talk makes me think of how I need a haircut myself...