Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Awesomeness of My Mom

Who would be willing to watch any or all of my children at the drop of a hat?
Who does my dishes and folds my laundry when at my house?
Who will change her plans for me?
Who puts her family above any other responsibility?
Who loves every single one of her grandchildren, a dozen of them, like they are her only one?
Who loves all four of her children, as if each were the planned one*?
Who loves all four of her children-in-law as if they were her own?
Who would give you the very shoes off of her feet (or toaster oven in her trunk or tv in her shed**)if that's what you need?
Who would save articles from the newspaper for you or tell you about applicable bits she saw on tv, making it apparent that she always has you on her mind?
Who would pack your open wound for weeks following a c-section***?
Who would invite you (and your husband) to live with her, collect a meager rent check from you each month, and then give it all back to you in a housewarming card with the words "you rented to own" written on it?
About whom is it that I could keep going on and on?
My sweet Mom. That's who.
She's an amazing example to me and to so many others of selflessness, devotion, and kindness.

With gratitude,

*When asked if any of us were planned, her answer is always, "One of you was planned and it was you." (to whomever she talking at the time.)
**My mom is a bit of a pack rat. She'll admit it pretty readily.
***About two weeks after Amelie was born, my c-section incision opened up. My mom went to the doctor with me, learned how to care for it, and came to my house twice a day for weeks, to be my personal nurse.


Anonymous said...

She does all of that and more - what a nice tribute! ( I think you were the planned one!)

Erin said...

What a great post! Grandma always seems to go above and beyond...she is a great example to all of her grandkids. She is a prime example of living God's Kingdom here on earth. She is so compassionate...and I'm truly lucky to have her close by :-)
We all are!

love ya,

Lynn said...

awww...What a beautiful tribute to an amazing mom. I especially loved the housewarming gift...sweet.

Annie said...

What a GREAT post! I certainly hope to be this someday for MY kids! Thanks for writing it. It is an encouragement to me in what I aspire to be like for my family!