Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day Craftiness

I'm a big fan of homemade gifts and cards, especially when kids are involved. I had an inspiration that I acted on this morning, so I thought I'd share it.

heavy stock paper
kid-safe ink pad
baby wipes

*I measured and scored the paper, lengthwise, so that when folded it would fit in the envelopes I had.
*I then folded the paper on the scoreline, back and forth, so I could rip it and leave a decorative jagged edge.
*Then I measured, scored and folded the paper, so that I had three equalish sections. (Obviously you could do as few or many sections as you wanted to do.)
*Then I covered each child's hand with ink and pressed it on the paper. (The girls were watching tv while I did it, which made it quite easy to gain their cooperation. Linus on the other hand...)
* I reapplied ink after each paper (we made three for our three grandmas)
* I washed off their hands, on the spot, with a baby wipe or two.
*I wrote their name and age by their hand print.

*On the back, behind where their hand print is, I wrote what they told me when I asked them, "What do you love most about...?"

*Here's a sampling of their answers. Some cute. Some sweet. Some silly.

*But I'm thinking that the grandmas will like them all the same.


Anonymous said...

how adorable! Do you think me, pat, and megs are too old to do this craft?!

Love, ejm

Nancy said...

Not at all, Erin! You'll just need bigger paper =).

Lynn said...

What a fun idea! Now THAT is mail that will make a grandma's day! SO much better than the store bought version...which is what Adeline's grandma's got this year. :o(

Mrs. Fix said...

Adorable and creative all at once -- I would expect nothing less from you!

Short Stop said...

What an awesome idea! I love this!

You are very creative, Nancy.