Friday, May 02, 2008

A New Meaning of the Phrase Medicine Head

Violet has a rash. It's on her scalp, just above the nape of her neck. I finally took her to the doctor yesterday. I found out it's just very dry skin that she's scratched to the point of breaking the skin, which has, in turn, gotten a little infected. She was prescribed an anitbiotic and a steroid: both topical. Putting such creams on someone's scalp makes that person's hair, well, how should I say this?
I'm not sure when I last used that word in plain conversation, but it describes her hair perfectly.
So the dilemma. How to style this hair of a new texture?
Two messy buns: a top one and a bottom one. Super cute. So cute, I may in fact do this "do" even when we don't have medicine head!

These are just some gratuitous Violet-eating-strawberries pictures. Violet, aka Laura (as in Ingalls Wilder), aka Baby Tiger, aka Alice (as in Angelina Ballerina's BF), could not be much cuter.

*sigh* Oh dear girl, if you only knew how you melted my heart!

Have a great weekend!

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Lynn said...

Yeah, that last picture is definitely a heart melter. Cute!!! Oh, I love the latest profile pic! :o)