Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paralysis: edited

10:30 pm Sunday night.
Power out.
9:30 pm Monday night.
Power restored.
What did I ever do before the internet?

We're up and running.
Those pesky cords need to be plugged in, for the computer to work, huh? You'd think being married to a computer nerd for nearly 8 years would have learned me something by now! Guess not.


Short Stop said...

We actually owned a phone book then...now they go right into the trash. Boy, times have changed.

I have felt that same paralysis and sat twiddling my thumbs! :)

Lynn said...

Ugh 23 hours without power?!?! Did you do any of those classic things like trying to heat something in the microwave or trying to turn on the TV? Losing power always helps me to realize how much I take electricity for granted.

Mrs. Fix said...

Nancy -- I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching your sweet girls yesterday. They are so polite (Violet must have said "Sank you!" to me a million times) and kind (Amelie must have asked me a million times if I wanted her to hold/ check on/ play with Rock) and just WOW! I was just really impressed with them -- it must be that their mother's influence has rubbed off on them. Thank you again for thinking of me and seriously, I'd love to do it again if you ever need someone to watch them!

Unknown said...

nanc, this paralysis is lasting a long time! i hope everyone is doing well. i sure wish you guys had a reason to come to chicago!!