Monday, May 19, 2008

I know, I know

Since the power came back last Monday night (and Duncan plugged in the computer properly on Tuesday evening), I've failed to update for a number of reasons...
-Linus and I went up to New York and back, with my parents, to bury my grandparents.
-I discovered Scramble on Facebook.
-I haven't taken many pictures.
-I've been uninspired.
-I've been busy.
But I hope to be back, soon. I've obtained the prizes (or their ingredients) from the 200th Post Extravaganza and hope to send them out by this weekend. I'm working on the final installment of Linus' birth story. Good thing we all know about the happy ending! Keep checking back. I'm sure to get into gear soon!


Short Stop said...


I'm sorry about your grandparents.

I'll have to check out Scramble...great, another way to waste my time! LOL!

Take your time with the prizes...and I'm looking forward to the last part of Linus' story! :)

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your grandparents passing. I hope Linus was a source of joy to your family while you were there. What part of NY? I have family (grandparents) in the Rochester area and fingerlakes region.

Glad to have you back. --chris f

PS: I did a thing like the computer thing... I couldn't get my car to start and finally had it towed; this was in DC. Know how they fixed it? THey put it in park; I had it in gear which is why it didn't start. So $75 later, I had a "free" keychain from the towing company and my car back. DUH!

Unknown said...

nancy, i can't talk, i was "paralyzed" for a long time too. sometimes the creative juices just don't flow . . . sorry about your grandparents--was that recent?