Monday, April 07, 2008

Signs of Spring

Ewoks outside in their exersaucers...

earthworms in old puddles...

and us outside a lot more often.

Keep on coming, Spring!

Have a happy Monday!

(Thanks, Lynn, for the signature idea! It's very fun!)


Short Stop said...

YES, Spring...come on!!

Guess what? Lincoln is wearing that exact same outfit today that Linus is wearing in these pictures! Jason calls it the "Obi Wan" outfit! LOL!

Guess great minds think alike, huh?

Love the siggy! :)

Anonymous said...

Our Peter (3) saw a worm outside and thought it was a baby snake. Daddy came running outside with a shovel, ready for the worst and it was just a worm. :-) Glad you guys are getting outdoors! It helps everyone so much. --chris f

Lynn said...

You're welcome. Isn't it fun when you figure out something new for your blog? Mine is slowly but surely getting a makeover. :o)