Sunday, April 27, 2008


Lynn tagged me for this one last week.

What was I doing 10 years ago....

In April of 1998, I was finishing up my eighth (of nine) semester at West Virginia University. I had been dating Duncan for about five months. I was gearing up to work at Pine Springs Camp for a third summer. (Pine Springs is where Duncan and I met in 1995.)

5 things on my to-do list today...
1. shower
2. get children ready for church
3. worship the Lord with our church family
4. nap
5. eat pizza with Duncan after kids go to bed and watch a movie or something on our MythTV

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. 100 calorie packs
2. just about anything chocolate
3. nuts, especially pistachios
4. ice cream
5. cheese

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire...
1. give a boatload to our church and to missionaries and other causes that are furthering the gospel of Christ
2. pay off the mortgages and other debts of our family
3. set up education funds for our children and our nieces and nephews
4. feed starving people in this country as well as others
5. give more away

5 bad habits...
1. procrastination
2. eating when I'm not hungry
3. being online too much
4. talking on the phone while driving
5. did I mention procrastination?

5 places I've lived...

1. Bowie, Maryland (from birth-18, as an engaged woman at age 23, and as a married woman at age 25-now)
2. Dorm, apartment, and house (with a family from my church) in Morgantown, WV
3. Pine Springs Camp, Jennerstown, PA (I could never forget about my summers in "The Hilton!")
4. State College, PA January-June 1999 so Duncan could "figure us out" (I had already figured us out. He needed some more time.) and our first year of marriage 2000-2001
5. the summer of 1997 in Cuernavaca, Mexico

5 jobs I've had...
1. pool snack bar attendant (1992 and 1993)
2. medical records tech in the Jessup State Prisons (1994)
3. kitchen crew(1995), counselor (1996), program support coordinator (1998) at Pine Springs camp
4. field director with Hemlock Girl Scout Council (2000-2001)
5. middle school math teacher (1999-2000), middle school Spanish teacher (2001-2004), homeschool Spanish teacher (2004-2006)

Now, since I know they have TONS of time, I'll tag:
and anyone else who feels like joining in!


Lynn said...

Yea!!! Thanks for participating. I am happy to say, I knew a lot of these answers already. Glad Duncan finally "figured you out." If only our men would let us do the thinking for them sometimes....

I still love that you worked at the prison.

Three cheers for ice cream!!! What is a 100 calorie pack?

Anonymous said...

Boy - that was a lot to think about!! Have a great day!