Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Duncan

Lake Erie
June 2006

He's cute.
He's funny.
He's a jungle gym.
He's Joseph.
He's full of integrity.
He's a comforter.
He's faithful.
He's a fabulous bread baker.
He's encouraging.
He's Pa.
He's loving.
He's the primo pancake maker.
He's a songwriter.
He's intelligent.
He's the most fun bath-giver.
He's Zechariah.
He's energetic.
He's a phenomenal dish doer.
He's a computer nerd.
He's the best tub scrubber.
He's wise.
He's a patty-caker.
He's dedicated.
He's the A-1 road trip driver.
He's the bad wolf.
He's thoughtful.
He's a lawn mower.
He's a great coffee maker.
He's a hard-worker.
He's cuddly.
He's Diego.
He's an incredible daddy.
He's my best friend.
He's my husband.

And you're so much more, my love! Happy 34th Birthday!

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Lynn said...

Fun new signature!

This is SUCH a creative way to do a tribute post to your husband! Love it!

Happy Birthday Duncan!