Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Foxhill Park

Foxhill Lake

Living in the town where I grew up has many perks. I get to share some of my childhood memories in a tangible way with my kids, for one. Even though a lot is different about Bowie, much is the same.
This past Saturday morning we went to Foxhill Park. It has a lake, which is really a pond, and an old, stone bridge from the 1800s. Having grown up in the Foxhill, or "F" section of Bowie, I spent a fair amount of time at this particular park. I went sledding on the hills by the lake, hiked through the wooded area, and played on the playground. I met friends to play tennis there and even had a softball game, followed by a picnic, there with my Girl Scout troop. I remember walking over the bridge with Karen and Dan (my sister and her husband) on the Palm Sunday during their engagement. I rode my bike on the bike path that winds through the park many times and walked on it even more. Amelie, Violet and Linus enjoyed their time there this past Saturday. I hope we go back often.
Here's a peek into our time--

Amelie's having fun.

Daddy loves to get the close-ups...the snottier the nose the better.

Linus spent his whole time chillin' in the stroller. He'll be runnin' with the rest of 'em soon enough, I'm sure.

Mommy had a good time making faces at Daddy.

Running down the bike path to the lake.

The lake always has lily pads.

Violet checkin' something out.

Mud puddles!

Good thing they had some practice not too long ago!

All tuckered out.

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Lynn said...

I love that you let them stomp around in the mud. Looks like a great day at the park with some wonderful family memory making.