Friday, October 19, 2007

A Shutterfly Shout Out

Yeah, so this ISN'T a sponsored post, but Shutterfly is going to get some free advertising here.

Amelie has recently gained control of the mouse. (she's been having a great time on Starfall, by the way.)I bought Linus' birth announcement from Shutterfly last week. Amelie wanted to see them, so I pulled up the website and signed in. I must have walked away at that point.

Fast forward two days. I sign in to Shutterfly to track the announcements--to see when I can expect them to arrive. The tracking thingy isn't working, so I check my order history to make sure everything is hunky- dory. I notice not one, but three orders in my order history. Huh? I just placed one order, right? Apparently, two orders for 200 prepaid prints (at 12 cents each which is a fabulous price, by the way) have mistakenly been charged to my account.

Yes, you read that correctly. TWO orders for 200 prepaid prints.

Let's see...
200 times 2 is ...
400 PRINTS!!

I most certainly DID NOT make those purchases.! I sent an e-mail immediately to customer service stating just that as well as asking what they were going to do about crediting my account. Humpf. I most certainly will never use them again!!

And then, AFTER I sent the e-mail, over the next day or so, I thought about it. I think you can probably tell where I'm going with this. You've got it. Amelie, my non-reading three and a half year old, unknowingly purchased 400 prints. I received a reply from customer service. Here's an excerpt:

"Placing an order is not something that is easy to do accidentally as the items have to be added to the cart then you have to click on check out, enter your credit card info and then click one more time on a Place order now button. Might another member of your household have placed this?"

"not something that is easy to do accidentally" That was my favorite line. Pretty funny. I've tried to duplicate what she did and haven't been able to do so. So I replied and explained my situation. Duncan and I had talked about how we probably haven't purchased 100 prints since Amelie was born and that it was unlikely that we'd use 400 over the next two years. (yeah, so there good for two years which is a good thing) We decided to ask that they cancel only one order, since I can use some prints to finish their baby books and others to send to relatives. (and 12 cents a print IS a great deal!) I also included an apology for my tone in my original e-mail--assuming that it was their fault and not mine, which, in reality, couldn't be further from the truth!

So here's the free advertising. Shutterfly graciously agreed to remove one of the orders. I was very thankful that it was as easy as sending a few e-mails. And yes, I've learned my lesson. When you teach your child to use the mouse, don't abandon the computer when you're signed into websites that house your credit card number. Fellow parents of small children, please take note and learn from my mistake--even if your child has demonstrated a knack for knowing a good deal when she sees it. (I'm so proud.)


Sweet November said...

That's hilarious. Very impressive Amelie! I have to admit though, 400 pictures is about 6 months worth of pictures for me. Martin bugs me about ordering so many (I order every picture, including the 10 you take before you finally get the kid to look at the camera.) So I wouldn't have minded, especially when they are $.10 a print at SNAPFISH! Sorry, I love my snapfish, but shutterfly is a close second.

Nancy said...

EVERY PICTURE!?!?! But that's the beauty of digital, my friend, so you don't HAVE to have every picture!! I'm actually a new convert to Shutterfly. I prefer their multiple-picture cards...when you have more than one child, you'll appreciate not having to get everyone to look good in ONE picture for your Christmas card. Can we say IMPOSSIBLE!?!?

Sweet November said...

I know but it's picture of my BABY! :) He's still so cute in the bad pictures! I admit I do like the multiple picture cards that shutterfly does - I said at Christmas last year that snapfish needs to get on that. But get this, snapfish just messed up and sent me my recent order twice so I got 329 free prints!