Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just Cuteness, That's All

Linus has begun taking naps in the crib. As I've said before, I'm always a sucker for a yawn picture, which is what he was doing this morning. Oh, and do you like the swaddling job? This was after his nap. He MUST be swaddled if he will sleep. That is so different from both of the girls that HATED to be swaddled. What's your swaddling experience?
Linus has been working on holding up his head. He's taking a break in this picture.

I reorganized the toy closet and Amelie rediscovered the hats, mittens, and scarves. The girls have been having fun with them lately.


Short Stop said...

I love these pics! My first, Jack HAD to be swaddled to sleep. He would not sleep at all unless he was really tightly swaddled. My husband was much better at swaddling then I was! My second, Max didn't seem to care as much...but then again, he wanted to nurse 24/7! It will be interesting to see what our new baby does! :)

Sweet November said...

We swaddled Dylan from the waist down (he didn't like having his arms tied down). It was never very tight though, he usually kicked out of it but it got him to sleep. I don't remember when we stopped swaddling. 3 or 4 months maybe. Maybe even earlier. But funny thing is, even now, there are times when Dylan is about to fall asleep and we know he's really tired but he's start trying to move a lot - sit up, grab things, kick. I know from experience at that point that I have to hold him tight and prevent him from moving so that he'll go to sleep. So I guess in a way I still swaddle when I'm putting Dylan to sleep.

Anonymous said...

love the yawn! too cute. i love it that the girls have good imaginations and can play dress up with simple things!