Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show Off

This past Monday, we had the distinct pleasure of having Adeline with us for the day. She has made quite an impression on Linus and he loves to say her name and point out her picture on the fridge. I must say that Miss Adeline is, by far, one of the most easy-going two year-olds I've ever met.

At six months his senior, Linus thinks she's pretty special.
Older woman.
I know.

In December, he was all about a younger woman, so we'll have to see how it all pans out.

It didn't take long for Linus to start what we've coined his "Feats of Strength and Speed" for Adeline. Whoever said that wanting to impress a girl was a learned quality? I think not.

To begin, Linus spent some time flexing his muscles. Please take note of the vocalizations.

Then, he tried to win Adeline's approval by saying her name.

Finally, Linus whizzed past Adeline with his amazing speed. If you listen closely, you will hear a proud papa's comment about his son.

As you can see, Adeline was really impressed.

Girl crazy at 20 months? Are you kidding me?
I think we're in for it.
Big time.


Unknown said...

tate always has to throw a bunch of balls and run around and "fall down" and say "whoa" as soon as someone comes over. you can tell he right away thinks about "showing off"--but i have no idea what he thinks he is

Lynn said...

Eeeek! I've been waiting for these videos to appear! Too cute! I may need to link here. I know, my baby girl is quite the catch. ;o)

Mrs. Fix said...

Perfect! Linus will be chasing after Adeline while Rock is chasing after "Vi-lit" (as he calls her)! Hopefully we can avoid duels over romance in the church nursery.