Monday, April 27, 2009

Duncan's Birthday

This past Saturday was Duncan's 35th birthday. Two nights before, I surprised him with a dinner out with friends. It was a blast!
As for his actual birthday? What he really wanted was to spend it as a family.
The girls and I went out when they woke up (anytime after 6am these days) to get bagels. When we got home, we did what we always do on a birthday morning in our house: opened presents!

Amelie's present was the biggest surprise. She told me she wanted to make Daddy a baseball stadium. So she and I worked together to create this baseball game, complete with bases, players, a bat, and a ball. Quite ingenious, I'd say!
Duncan and the girls gave it a try while I got breakfast ready.
Then we headed to Quiet Waters Park for the morning.

We found a tiny little beach near the boat rental area.

I think Linus could have stayed there all day.

Good thing we're going to the beach in the middle of May!

Violet ate her lunch leaning up against a tree.

After lunch, we did a tad bit of grocery shopping and headed home. In the afternoon, Duncan and Amelie went to the bike shop to buy one of Duncan's presents. I had scoped it out, but Duncan needed to choose the rack and panniers he wanted for his bike. These should make biking to work much easier!
Later on, we had a dinner of meatloaf, french fries, asparagus and strawberries. And of course we had German chocolate cake for dessert--with homemade frosting! I'll never buy the canned stuff again!!
It was a wonderful day celebrating the most amazing man I know. Here's to many more, my love!


tammyo said...

that's a good lookin' family you got there. happy bday to duncan from us both!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Duncan! Looks like you had all the right people around to help you celebrate.

Mrs. Fix said...

Happy Belated Birthday Duncan! Looks like you had a great one!