Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Peek at Things to Come

This was taken a few weeks ago on a warm afternoon. It made me SO EXCITED for this summer! Linus LOVES being outside as do his sisters.
I look forward to a lot of digging and running and playing and laughing!
I look forward to water and sand and bubbles and fireflies!
I look forward to Ritas dripping all over the place and sticky kids.
I look forward to going to the pool and dirty feet and Crocs every day and mosquito bites!
Err, ok, so I took it a little too far with the last one.
I'm just so excited for warmer weather! And I'm looking forward to all of the memory-making we'll do in our backyard. Can hardly wait, I tell ya!



ChrisandMissy said...

I was with you right up until "sticky kids...dirty feet...mosquito bites." =)

Mrs. Fix said...

And we got a brief glimpse of warm weather today! Thanks for calling us to go to the park -- it was fun.