Thursday, January 08, 2009

Homestead Gardens

I know it's been AGES since I've updated. This morning I cleaned off the camera of nearly 300 pictures. So, let the posts-of-what-happened-in-December begin!

The first week in December, we went to Homestead Gardens one evening after dinner. We hope to make this an annual tradition. Homestead is a huge garden center that is beautifully decorated, both inside and out, at Christmastime. They have Christmas villages of many different times and places arranged in one area. Each series is cleverly displayed in or on something having to do with the theme. For example, the North Pole series is displayed in an old freezer. The New England series is displayed on what looks like a fishing pier. And, as you can see below, the "Christmas in the City" series is displayed in the trunk of a taxi cab. We spent most of our time studying these villages. There was just so much to look at!

The other highlight is their model trains. They have a huge train table with countless tracks and many trains all running at once.
Violet thought they were too loud.

Linus couldn't get enough of them!

Amelie found it pretty exciting too. And, as seen below, Violet got used to the "loud" trains and was able to remove her fingers from her ears.

And what else did we do in the month of December other than NOT blog? We made gingerbread houses, attended the WTP, watched Linus fall in love, ran a day care center out of our home for a day, celebrated Christmas at three different locations, and much much more. Keep checking in! The pictures are a comin'!

Happy New Year!


ChrisandMissy said...

I didn't realize there were so many villages there...had they taken some things down before we all went? Or was I just blind?

Nancy said...

Yes! They had totally taken them down! They were in the area where the skiers and snowboarders were that I kept fixing. Those tables where Sonja was picking things up were in place of the villages. I guess by the time we were there, they had sold enough that they had to take them down--or they sold them! I'd recommend going earlier next year, so you can enjoy the villages as well as the train!