Friday, October 24, 2008

Please Tell Me It's O.K.

Tell me it's good even.
Right now, at this very moment, Amelie is on a field trip.

And I'm not on it too.

Last year, I chaperoned EVERY SINGLE FIELD TRIP with Amelie's class. I went to the pumpkin patch. The firehouse. The grocery store. The dentist. This past Tuesday, I went on the pumpkin patch field trip with her class. (see below)

This morning, they are going to the firehouse. I could have worked it so that I could've gone, even though my primary babysitters are galavanting around Southern California as I type.
But I chose not to.
I chose to let her go under the care of other adults.
Without me.
I chose to let her have an experience of which I am not a part.
I chose to let her do something about which I will only hear.
Never see.
Never live through.

Man, does growing up hurt or what?


ChrisandMissy said...

Well, I've never been in your shoes, but you've been pretty awesome as a mom so far in the time I've know you. So I'm sure it's fine!

Unknown said...

actually, you'll be lucky if you DO hear about it. i ask zoe every day, "what did you do?" and she says, "i dunno." we've tried to institute the best and worst part of your day at supper and we still can't hardly get anything!

Anonymous said...

there's always home schoooooooling :-) it's not so hard, really and truly, esp. with just one.

but I am SURE she had a good day and she will be fine -- and you might be able to coax lots of the story from her too. Hang in there! --chris f

Anonymous said...

It is SOOOOO okay!

From Jeremiah 29:11-14a
(Changes are mine exclusively for emphasis)
"For I know the plans I have for AMELIE," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper HER and not to harm HER, plans to give HER hope and a future. 12 Then SHE will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to HER. 13 SHE will seek me and find me when SHE seekS me with all HER heart. 14 I will be found by HER," declares the LORD...

One of many first times of letting go in love to allow her the calculated freedom to explore and chart her own way. Okay, granted it was only for an hour or so, but it is a start and healthy and good. I am proud of you! I hope she had a wonderful time and told you all about it.

I couldn't keep the secret from John about the party. The funny thing is he was like Nancy who? because we are having a party on Sunday for his birthday and he thought I was talking about that party and other local Nancys that he knows and it took alot of the dramatic effect away from the party next weekend. Oh well, it doesn't diminish our excitement in seeing you.

Aren't you glad I don't comment with every picture because then the blog would be so long and verbose.

John Luke is building a gigantic card house putting John to shame, while Bethany is finding figures in the Halloween I SPY BOOK and Jordan is singing Toby Mac looking at her yearbook. What a great way to spend a Friday night with at home.

Big outreach at our church tomorrow from 2-4pm. Pray that God brings exactly who he wants to enjoy all the games, fun, and candy. I have already had enough candy to last me all of Halloween week. Ugh!

Okay, long enough comment for today. Maybe I will write everyday since I am not feeling so shy anymore. Can comments really be this long?

Mrs. Fix said...

You are an awesome mother!

CA Skellys said...

Oh, I feel your pain! I think choosing to not go on the field trip was a great idea because I know that would be sooo hard for me but needed if we're both going to grow up! I'm homeschooling my kindergartner because I have a hard time not knowing every detail of his time away from me in Sunday School! I know I need to give up control and let him grow up, and I plan to do that little by little.