Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Improvements, Phase 1

There is a three-phase home improvement plan going on around here and phase one is half-way completed. Phase one is to put down laminate in our two downstairs bedrooms, which, incidentally, we don't use as bedrooms. The room you see below is our tv/guest room. Duncan finished laying the floor last night. He did an amazing job.

Here's the "before" picture taken February 2008. (We forgot to take a before picture before the carpet was ripped out, so this will have to do.)

Here's how the room looked without carpet. You can barely see the fake wood asbestos tiles that were original to the house. The black is some sort of adhesive that was under the most recent carpet.

And after! We'll move the dining room furniture into here while we do the dining room floor. So watching tv won't be quite as cozy as it usually is for a few more days.

And what are phases two and three, you ask?
Phase two will be to paint our living room, downstairs hall and stairwell.
Phase three is to have new carpet installed in the living room, downstairs hall and on the stairs!

Goodbye yucky, stained, light beige carpet that was brand new when we moved in but only looked really nice for about three and a half minutes!


Mrs. Fix said...

It looks GREAT! Duncan rocks!

Lynn said...

Oh, and you all (fellow readers) don't even know how cool this wall color is going to be.....

I can't wait!!!