Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just When I Thought He Couldn't Get Any Cuter!

The picture below is rare. Linus smiles a TON, but I have such a hard time getting him to smile for the camera! As soon as he sees the red eye reduction light, he looks like a deer caught in headlights. Also, the glasses cause the lovely glare that you can see below. Regardless of all of these things, my Linus just get cuter and cuter every day!

He can often be seen with his tongue hanging out.

Here's Amelie doing her Linus impersonation.

This is one of Amelie's favorite poses with Linus. This looks like it was first thing in the morning, hence the reason for no glasses.

I call this one, "Missed Bedtime." Poor guy hung out in the bouncy seat, in the kitchen, by himself while Duncan bathed the girls and I changed everyone's sheets. He didn't cry or complain. He just played himself to sleep. He usually falls asleep rubbing the back of his head, so his hands are often in the position you see in this photo. I could just eat this boy up!


Lynn said...

You are just a blogging fool tonight!

When I clicked on this post, I just smiled and went Aaaawwwhh. What a cutie! I love when Adeline falls asleep with her hands behind her head. LOVE that smile! Since I can't reach through cyberspace, could you pinch those cheeks for me please? :)

Unknown said...

tate always has his tongue out too! i like it much better in. and he rubs his head a LOT. why does he do that? VERY cute pics. and happy birthday violet!!!

chrissie k said...

OH MY HEAVENS. Nance, it's been too long since I've looked through your blog -- oh how I love these pictures! You two make beautiful children. Love you lady.

Annie said...

He is VERY VERY VERY Cute!!!!
One of the cutest little boys I've ever seen! With glasses, possibly THE cutest! :)
I want to eat him up too, and he's not even my son! :)