Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Little Brother

Here's Linus, one day shy of 10 weeks. He's laying on the quilt he got for being in the NICU. Some middle school students made it as a service project. It really looks like they made it (and not their moms). It's very sweet and the perfect size for a play mat.
The last few days, Linus has started to "talk" to us and seems to be close to smiling. His corrected age is six weeks tomorrow, so it makes sense, since thats when talking and smiling usually starts in infants. (Can you tell I've been just a tad anxious about this?)

We just got back from Linus' two month well visit. He weighs 11lbs. 4.5 oz. (50th percentile) and is 23" (75th percentile). He might be "losing" the weight race with Rock (much to Duncan's dismay), but he's gaining at an appropriate rate. This mama is very pleased with his progress!!


Sweet November said...

And the older he gets, that corrected age isn't going to be much different than this chron age and the range of normal for developmental things will get bigger (like 3-4 months for rolling over or whatever it is instead of 6 weeks for smiling). He looks so great! Can't wait to meet him!


Short Stop said...

SO, so, so cute, Nancy! He's getting so big! :)