Tuesday, November 06, 2007


One of our favorite right-before-Daddy-gets-home activities is to put on some music and some ballerina dress up clothes and to "ballet" as Amelie calls dancing. Amelie is showing off some of her most expressive moves and finishes off with some super cheese.


Anonymous said...

super sweet moments to tuck away in your heart or blackmail material? ;) the girls are so adorable. these videos make me smile!

Megan said...

Very cute - I didn't get to see the second one - wasn't available??? We love to dance at our house also. It usually ends up being Fergie and alot of butt shaking is going on. Maybe we'll have to start doing some ballet as well.
I didn't know you knew Mike!! How fun - small world!

Also - I really want to start doing a Thankful tree -thanks for the idea. Have you ever checked out the Rocks in my Dryer blog? You should - it's fun and she has a whole blog for mom type giveaways, very cool.