Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tomorrow it should be Linus VICTORY!!!

On Monday, an "unhooked" Linus--finally we can see his sweet face!
It's rough being a baby! (I'm a sucker for yawn pictures.)
This was on Sunday when I nursed Linus for the first time.
On Friday, Amelie and Violet hanging out in the hospital waiting area.
On Saturday, Amelie and Birdie Grandpa (Duncan's dad) coloring at the kitchen table.

Tomorrow, well later today, as I check the time, Linus is expected to be discharged from the hospital. We are so excited at the prospect of being a whole family for the first time since August 6th. I'm ready to sit on the couch and nurse my baby. All this running back and forth to the NICU seems to have made my recovery speed up. My pain level is so low that I don't even feel the need to take my pain meds. However, the swelling is still pretty bad in my legs, which will get better once I can keep my feet up a bit more. Hopefully, that will be possible after tomorrow. I wish I could show you how big I'm smiling at the thought of Linus HOME with the rest of us.


Short Stop said...

Congrats on having your whole family together! :)

Unknown said...

hey nanc,

i'm glad for you guys. we have those same pajamas for tate (2 pairs actually).

i hope you all have a wonderful time and an easy adjustment.

i thought recovery went much better the third time around.

love you.

Sweet November said...

Congrats again! So glad for you all to be together! I'm praying for rest for all of you!

Hasibul Haque said...

Duncan & Nancy,

Congratulations on your son Linus' birth. Cute baby with a cute name!~