Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Linus' Original Birthday

Here's my Linus today, at 20 days old on what was supposed to be his birthday. Although, as far as God was concerned, it was never supposed to have been today. Hmmm. Deep thoughts.
All three kiddos in one photo--not an easy feat.
Linus on my shoulder. Duncan loves the position of his hands.
My first attempt of all three together. Not so successful. And I love my knees in the picture.
Ah! What have I gotten myself into?

So today, September 18th, was Linus' original birthday. The really funny thing is that the two women at church who were pregnant with me, and both due last week, are (were?) both in labor at the same hospital as mine with the same doctor as mine, today. Duncan asked if I was jealous. The weird thing is, in some ways I am. In other ways, NOT AT ALL!


Sweet November said...

"all three kids" I love it...can't just say "both"...I praise God for your many blessings of children

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful! So beautiful... can't you say that about boy babies?

Hang in there... in about three months, you'll feel less tired and more like yourself. I thought three was the toughest adjustment. I mean, four is harder except it's easier because the kids have gotten older. Now you have "big kids" who can get diapers, clean up a little, and fetch things: soon you'll have helpers who can open the front door (when you're bogged down with 8 tons of baby carrier), dress themselves, and help out their siblings too. In the meantime, rest when you can (TV videos are great for a half hour break for mom) and enjoy this beautiful baby, his adorable sisters, and the days that are blurring together.


thinking of you,
--chris ferguson

Lisa said...

He is so wonderful! Big hugs to all of you!! What a great family!!!