Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nearly Two Months Later...

I know my readership has been sitting on the edge of their seats.  Ya know, wondering, if we ever came home from vacation.  I can tell by all the comments that you've left me showing your concern.  

So, if I'd blogged over the last two months, this is what you would have read about...
1.  Great Wolf Lodge ROCKS!  It costs A LOT of money, but was so enjoyable.  I believe they have pretty good deals during the school year (hello, homeschoolers!)  But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with kids younger than mine.  Unless they're fish.
2.  Violet wanted to become one of "Mr. Powell's girls" in Williamsburg.  But she needs to wait until she's 16.  She's still talking about it.  We bought Linus a musket.  A toy one that is.
3.  We took a carriage ride around Williamsburg.  Violet loved all of the craftspeople.  Especially the blacksmith.  It was 100 degrees the two days we walked around. 
4.  Linus busted his chin at Great Wolf Lodge, but got Dermabond and no stitches.  So he could keep swimming.
5.  Duncan and I went on dates EVERY NIGHT WE WERE IN WILLIAMSBURG!  How luxurious is that?  My parents gladly stayed in while kiddos were sleeping.
6.  We came home and within hours greeted a family of six, The Armes of California, who stayed with us for the weekend!  It was a blast!  The Culps joined us for the day on Saturday.  (Holla!)
7.  We celebrated our friend, Anna's, fourth birthday with her at her beautiful new home!
8.  We had to say goodbye to our cousin/nanny, Megan, after a fabulous summer together.  We miss her=(.
9.  Linus turned three on August 29th.  He had a baseball birthday.  There were hot dogs.  There were peanuts.  There were crackerjacks.  And there were many of his most favorite people on the planet.
10.  Amelie got sick with a fever/sore throat virus, so we couldn't go to OCMD for Labor Day weekend.  We missed time with our dear friends, the Rohals, but got loads done, including cleaning out (most) of our garage!
11.  Penn State Football began!  (and we've got cable to prove it!)
12.  Amelie started first grade on Tuesday, September 7th.  All day for the first time!  She's doing so well and LOVING every minute of it!
13.  On the very same day, I started homeschooling Violet and Linus for pre-school.  I came up with goals for each, lesson plans, and a basic framework for our day.  It's very simple, but I'm already seeing some of those goals on their way to being met.
14. We got to celebrate our freighbor, Georgia's, first birthday!
15.  Violet, Linus, and I went to a story time at the National Aquarium, where we have a membership.  It was great fun!
16.  Violet got a stomach bug, which made it so we weren't able to go to back-to-back birthday parties for our friends Rock and Linnea.
17. Duncan and I got to go on our annual date night to a National's Game.
18.  Amelie started taking cello lessons, which means we are now proud renters of a quarter-sized cello!  She's ECSTATIC! 

And that about catches us up.  Blogging has become something on my "TO DO" list, and while I want to still do it, I don't want it to feel like a burden.  My "Homemade Summer" series was burdensome for me.  In fact, I still have several posts for it in the queue.  Perhaps I'll get to them in a flashback or some such device.  For now, we'll all have to be satisfied with now and then.  And for your viewing pleasure.  Can you match up the pictures with their corresponding statement above?

So, I know you've been DYING for a new post, so as to have a reason to leave a comment.  Go for it, y'all!!!


ChrisandMissy said...

You crack me up, Nancy. =)
I love the baseball cake! And are the apple cupcakes from the first day of school? Very cool.
I'm glad you were at storytime today providing comic relief. Hope you guys keep coming so I get to see you at least once a week, cause you know I sleep on Sundays...

Jodi said...

Whew - that's a busy summer :) Glad you're back and hope you get back to blogging. I've been a slacker myself lately. Many posts in my head, very few actually on my blog. But I console myself in knowing that if I am actually spending time with my children, I am choosing what is better, right?

Thanks for the pictures - your kids are so precious. Violet totally melts my heart :)

Anonymous said...

Are you a family fun subscriber? Just wondering from the great cupcakes! THANKS for the update on the webpage. It won't be long before your own kids will be reading well and interested in their OWN history-- viola, your webpage! And if you do an update after the event, you can still date it for the event-- future readers won't hold it against you. My 8 year old asks me about captions I had on his baby pictures from our webpage. Who knew? So keep on, girl! We love to hear from you when ever you have a chance! (And yes, don't let the web be a burden!) --chris f

CA Skellys said...

ditto the above comments...love the cupcakes. How do you do that? ...and I still want to know about homemade dishwasher detergent. Do I have to figure it out myself :)

Lynn said...

Wow, not sure where to start with the comments on this post...

-LOVE the header picture. I'm pretty sure I've commented on it before, but it is cute enough to warrant repeat commenting.
-Love the pic of the kids in their pj's on Linus's b-day
-Did you know Linus is riding a BIKE?!? Big boy!!!
-Love the pic with Megan....SO fits her personality.
-Could you please stay home for a while....we need some Salada time. ;o)

Sweet November said...

Glad to see you back! This is such a crazy time of year that I don't know how anyone blogs in September! Non-homeschool preschool is a lot more work that I thought it would be (ours is a coop so that adds to it). So I'm interested in hearing what you're doing for homeschool preschool - if you ever feel like blogging about it, please do! So I take it your schedule isn't as crazy as last year as far as schlepping kids around?

Robyn said...

You're children are beautiful!!