Sunday, October 03, 2010

We've Come This Far By Faith

We've just finished a weekend of celebrating God's work over the last 25 years at Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie.
We've only been there for just over nine of those years, but boy, are we grateful!  It was a wonderful weekend of playing, visiting, seeing old friends, and recalling what the Lord has done in this body of believers.  Duncan had a chance to speak at the gathering on Saturday evening about raising young children at RPCB and what a blessing it is.
There was a theme chorus of the weekend:  "We've Come This Far By Faith."  And we can't get it out of our heads today!  I had a chance to record my girls singing it this afternoon, so I thought I'd share their cuteness.  But more importantly, I thought I'd share the words, which ring so true at RPCB.  And for that, we are ever so grateful!

Here Violet sings in her typical manner.

And Amelie sings, in an atypical manner.  But the words are true, no matter how they're sung!

The words are:
We've come this far by faith
Leaning on the Lord
Trusting in His Holy Word
He never failed me yet
Oh' Can't turn around
We've come this far by faith!

Albert A. Goodson (b. Los Angeles, CA, 1933) wrote both text and tune in 1956 for the Radio Choir of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois, where he served as minister of music.


Anonymous said...

It was a very wonderful weekend. I thought it was interesting that Duncan and I said essentially the same thing - we are all together in the walk. I really love that.

But I said that already.

Annie said...

NO WAY!!! Is Violet READING that?!?!

Why can everyone else's kids read and mine are not even close?! :)

So fun to see you this weekend!