Thursday, June 17, 2010


  Ants are in the kitchen,
 The fascia's falling down,
The garage it is a mess,
But a home, for eight years, we've been blessed to own.
Three kids, they aren't perfect,
Our parenting's not by the text,
Toys we have too many,
But love and laughter in our home are the perfect mix.

Ten years seem so full,
But have gone by in a blink,
We've grown and changed by leaps and bounds,
And, most importantly, in the Lord we are linked.

Cheesy poems aside, I'm so thankful to have been married to you, sweet Duncan, for ten years!  I look forward to "tens" more and all that they'll bring our way!


Deb said...

Nancy...your "cheesy" poem is very sweet :)
Congratulations you two!
We love you Saladas.

Mrs. Fix said...

Congratulations Duncan and Nancy! 10 years is quite impressive! Hope you have a great trip with the family!