Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A few weeks ago, Last month, we took our second annual pre-season trip to Ocean City, MD.  This year we went for less time, since we chose not to take Amelie out of school.  It was quicker, but just as fun as last year!
Amelie loved the beach--especially jumping in the waves.  She couldn't get enough!

Violet's favorite part was the sand and shells.  Most def.

Linus too loved digging and tossing sand around.  After all, the beach is just a giant sandbox!

While I'm not a huge fan of this photo of myself (as is the case most of the time), it epitomizes how joyful I felt to be at the beach, with my family, on a Friday night.

The kids love these stools and ate most of their meals while sitting on them.

After breakfast, we ventured to the beach, tried to fly our kite (not windy enough) and touched the water for the first time. 

Linus was not a fan of the waves, stayed away from them most of the time, but tried to be brave and ventured closer a few times.

Amelie got buried and while I'm not meaning to be in the lotus position, I'm trying not to mess up the burying process.

After a necessary trip to The Fractured Prune, we ventured down to the Boardwalk.

Our first time at Trimpers, was moderately successful.  Only two ride operators had to return our tickets because someone changed their mind about wanting to go on a ride.  Only.

So, we have some tentative kids.  Wonder where they got that trait?

We're so thankful for good friends that share their blessing-of-a-beach-condo with us!


Short Stop said...

LOVE the pics, Nancy. Looks like so much fun. We really want to try to take the boys to OC this summer before the baby comes. Now that it's closer!! :):)

Mrs. Fix said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the lotus position picture! And the kids on the barstools. I hope you ate a Fractured Prune donut for me... we saw that at the beach but I couldn't eat it because it was full of sugar/dairy/wheat/everything I couldn't eat with Louisa!