Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cutest Valentines EVER

The first day we received mail after the huge snow dump, some of the best things to get in the mail were delivered--Valentines!  
Allow me to back up a bit.  Our children only have big cousins.  Eleven of them.  They all spoil us and lavish us with attention.  But Megan pulled out all of the stops this time!  She sent three personalized, hand-crafted Valentines.  Granted she too was home from school for days and days, missing that precious time of her sophior year.  (You a junior yet, Megs?)  But still.  She made these ADORABLE valentines for her baby cousins!  How sweet is that?

Here are the receivers of said valentines, showing off their cards.

Linus' with the intricate, self-portrait style.


Violet's with the cutest poem I think I've ever read.
(It's normally taped to the sliding glass door upon her insistence.)

And Amelie's with the delicate pop-up feature.


And here's a picture of the creator, Miss Megan, on Christmas Day.
Thank you, Megan for loving us and doing so many special things with and for us.  We love you!!


ChrisandMissy said...

Very sweet. =)
Anna meant to bring little valentines to church for her buddies, but we forgot them.

Erin said...

Way to go Megan! Gosh my little sister is the sweetest thing :-)

Meg said...

It was my pleasure to make/send some Valentine cards to the kiddos! I miss them :(