Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amelie Muriel Turned Six!

We hit the six year anniversary of becoming parents last Friday.  Our eldest, Miss Amelie Muriel, turned six.  In some ways, it feels like I've been a mommy forever.  In other ways, I feel like this was last week:
  And that this was just yesterday!

But that is not the case.  
We've been blessed to have Amelie for six years so far.  And it's been a wild and fun ride!

This year, when asked what she would like as a birthday gift, she insisted the only thing she wanted was a jar of apple sauce.  So that's what she got!  Initially, at least.  On the jar was a note.  (You can click on the picture to read it.)  She had to follow clues to find each of her five gifts--two from grandparents and three from us.

She was tickled by the lone jar of applesauce on the couch where, normally, all of the birthday gifts are placed.
The first clue read:  To start with, go & take a look, 
A Ducky gift is where you'd find a chapter book!

She had to bring each one back and read where to go next.
This clue read:  This place used to have lots of puzzles and games.
But now there's a gift from the Birdies which in the mail it came!


And then:
The next gift is under a gift to you,
On the very birthday that you turned two!
It's painted and used to color or eat.
The present is where you put your feet!
The second to last clue said:  
Many things you watch in here.  
On a big rectangle they appear!
Where you sit and snuggle is another gift.
Just give the comfy blankies and lift!

Found it!
The last clue was:
The last gift is hidden on the floor.
Where daddy and even mommy snooze and snore.
Get down on your knees to discover a treat.
Under blanket & mattress & even some sheets!

Finally the last gift...

All the gifts!

I love how Violet's hand is on Amelie's leg in this one.

The doggie that walks, barks, and sniffs its bone.  Definitely a fave.

A dress for Amelie and one that matches for Rebecca!

When determining what kind of party Amelie wanted, she decided that since her birthday is close to his, she wanted an Abe Lincoln party.  This evolved into a Penny Party.  On Friday night, this boiled down to the cake you see below and some chocolate pennies as favors that I found on Amazon.
Here's the birthday girl with her penny cake--not my best work, but Amelie LOVED it!

That night we had some friends and family over for a dinner of breakfast:  eggs, bacon, plattor (Swedish pancakes), melon, and an orange juice punch.
After dinner, Amelie opened her gifts.

Our party photographer needed to add a self portrait.
Everyone, meet our freighbor, Rob.

Grandma and Daddy watched as Amelie opened gifts.

The birthday girl mugs for the photographer.

The photographer didn't want to miss the opportunity of having a self-portrait with Rebecca!

Amelie has always struggled with being sung to on her birthday.  But she did a fabulous job this year.  Still no eye contact, but no freaking out either.  And even a slight smile!  And this was the biggest group since her first birthday!

Amelie also got a new nightgown with one to match for Rebecca.  I think that her smile says it all!  It was a great day!

The next morning was the Penny Party with some of Amelie's school friends.  This party involved penny rubbings, a penny hunt, and a penny toss.

The whole gang!

Opening gifts.

The menu included "penny" pancakes, bacon and applesauce.

Dessert was ice cream adorned with chocolate pennies.
Interestingly, Amelie determined that if she were to have a friend party, she didn't want a cake and she didn't want them to sing "Happy Birthday" to her--one time the night before seemed sufficient!  And you know what?  It was her birthday, so she should be allowed to call the shots about such things, dontcha think?  I did think it was funny, however, that nearly this exact group had sung to her during school the day before!

This beautiful girl is growing and changing by leaps and bounds. 
It's such a joy to witness! 
We love you, Amelie!  We are so thankful to have you in our lives!!


Meg said...

I can not believe my little baby cousin is already a big old six-year-old!!! I love her so so so so so much and I'm happy that she had such a great birthday!

Lynn said...

I guess THAT photographer was an okay stand-in since your "regular" photographer was slacking. ;o)

Happy Birthday sweet Amelie!