Monday, July 13, 2009

With Summering Friends

My friend, Chelsea, was able to see a dream realized. She and her children are "summering" at the beach. And the best part for us? We were invited to summer with them! Well, for a few days at least. We are so grateful for their generosity in including us in their adventure. Chelsea's girls are pretty close in age to my three. So you can imagine what fun was had.

Linus and Lily enjoyed loving on one another.

Here are the oldest five watching tv the first morning we were there.

Amelie tried out Claire's training-wheeled bike and had loads more success than on her new, much bigger bike at home. She had so much success, that Daddy bought her another new (and smaller) bike while we were gone!

Four girls on the boardwalk. My favorite picture of our time there, I think. There's nothing like a bunch of little girls holding hands!

Linus enjoyed some white chocolate-covered pretzels. Gotta love the Candy Kitchen.

Amelie and Addie had fun with one another.

Claire and Violet did too.

What a sweet, sweet time.
Many thanks to our summering friends!


tammyo said...

those kids holding hands! ugh- my heart is mush. so adorable. linus looks like he's not letting go any time soon...

Lynn said...

Seriously, how sweet is that little girls holding hands picture?!? What a fun vacation for all of you. I'm sure they're still talking about the memories.

You really need to stop going away "all the time" though, we miss you too much. ;o)

Mrs. Fix said...

When can I "summer" at the beach? Looks like you guys had a great time!

Mrs. Fix said...

p.s. Poor Linus with all those women!

ChrisandMissy said...

The photo of the four girls on the boardwalk is just darling. =)