Wednesday, July 01, 2009


For months after Linus was born, people asked me if it was different to have a little boy after having had two girls. And I could honestly say that it wasn't! All three of my babies were different from one another in various aspects and they were all similar to one another in certain ways, as well. Since Linus was a relatively late walker (nearly 16 months), the differences didn't start to stand out until the last six months or so.
He is nutso!
Into everything.
All over the place.
Rarely still.
At this point, I can honestly say that I see a definite difference between my beautiful ballerinas-- here pictured on the way to their very first ballet class:

and my messy muddy mischievous monkey--pictured here exactly three minutes after we got home from church.

I need to buy some stock in OxiClean and Zout, I guess. I should suggest that you do the same. I'm thinking it'll pay off.


Lea said...

I have seen differences between Colin and Gillian since very early on. I'm not sure if it's just personality difference or boy/girl difference. We'll see as they get older. All I know is that Linus is darn cute!

ChrisandMissy said...

Hahaha, this one made me laugh out loud. The three minutes post church picture...that's hilarious! Cute ballerinas. =) How did their class go? Are they in it together?

Lynn said...

Just bring him over to do some runnin' runnin' with Adeline. That'll tire him out!

Cute post.

Deb said...

Know JUST what you mean!
Even though Ryan was my sweet one & Becky was the little terror, he still was into things that little girls never even THOUGHT of!!!
Boys will be boys.