Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Half-Birthday Dilemma

There once was boy,
Born on August 29,
Right before a leap year.

He had a half birthday,
He turned six months,
Only 'cause it was a leap year.

In August he turned one,
It was so much fun!

But as February rolled 'round,
No 29th could be found,
'Cause it wasn't a leap year.

Is he 18 months today?
Or was it yesterday?
Or does 17 months he stay?
Until the day of March 29?

When 19 months he'll be,
Most definitely,
And to an end will be all this fuss.
Mrs. Rohal, can you help us?


Mrs. Fix said...

I love this.

Lynn said...

You are too cute!!! I actually chuckled out loud for this one. My vote is to celebrate BOTH Feb 28 AND March 1. One can never have too many reasons to party.

On a similar note, I have a friend who's birthday is actually ON Feb 29. She REALLY has a dilemma!