Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mommy and Baby

Linus hasn't really attempted saying his sisters' names too much. In general, he calls Amelie "Mommy..."
He's started to call Duncan "Daddy,"(as opposed to "Mommy") and every older-looking man is "Bompa." Trucks are "Dootdoot" and can be defined as any vehicle larger than a car. He has several new words each day, which is so fun to discover.

After having three birthdays within four weeks in our family, he's also become an expert singer of "Happyyy-you!" He especially likes to serenade his sisters at bedtime. (They all share a room, you know=).) Here's a little clip of him singing his best song. He's quite obsessed with seeing himself after he's had his video or picture taken, which is why you hear him say "I see." Also, this video was taken after Linus' bath, while his sisters were in the bath, hence the lack of glasses. (And the pictures above were taken right after naps, which is the reason for no glasses. He still wears them. Really.)


Mrs. Fix said...

I love it! Great video! His singing is so cute.

CA Skellys said...

I have that issue with Adam...he'll do whatever I ask of him but then immediately run to the camera saying, "I see." I couldn't get a video of him on his scooter for more than a few seconds because he kept stopping and running to the camera...a real con of digital cameras!