Sunday, November 02, 2008

11 years and counting

Eleven years ago, on Halloween, Duncan came to visit me at WVU for the very first time. I was a senior and we had met more than two years before that. Two years and I couldn't get him out of my system. Yes, I found him on the internet, struck up an e-mail conversation with him, which turned into him calling me on the phone, which turned into his visit.

Halloween weekend 1997.
He came on Friday and left on Sunday.
Still not my boyfriend.

But on Monday night?
My boyfriend!
I bet you'll never guess where he was the next weekend!

We dated for 19 months. And, boy, did he ever take me on a roller coaster ride!

After 19 months of dating, he broke off our relationship. Heart-broken, I moved on. Moved away, literally, from where he was.

And 13 days after he broke up with me?
He proposed.

Engagement was blissful. Well, except for the long-distance part.

And marriage?
Marriage has been beyond describable. Duncan is an amazing husband. I'll just have to leave it at that.

The coolest thing is that I realized this "anniversary" as we sat in the very same restaurant where we had had lunch that Saturday, November 1st back in 1997. On Saturday, November 1, 2008! (O.K. so it was the Evansdale Beanery and we had lunch 11 years ago at the downtown Beanery. But still!)

As we drove home this afternoon, I thought about how, 11 years ago, to the day, I probably day- dreamed about what I am living right now. Duncan is my husband. We have three beautiful children. And this November 2nd, he wasn't leaving Morgantown by himself as my not-but-almost-boyfriend. We were leaving Morgantown together, having been married nearly eight and a half years. With our three adorable children in the back of the van. The trip was hard (and I'll post about it in more detail soon enough.) But it was also wonderful. And totally worth the effort and hardship.
We got to see our favorite Patrick! We got to see so many of the dear people that walked through life with me when I was first getting to know Jesus. It was marvelous. Realizing this special anniversary just made it all the better.

Here's to those of us who remember silly dates and details! (Heather...)


Lynn said...

I love this story every time I hear (read) it...

Sweet November said...

What a fun post! I love it!

Sweet November said...

PS I left a response to your comment on my blog on my blog.

(You don't have to approve this comment, its just fYi.)

Annie said...

Random question for you...
(I just realized I guess I don't have your email?!)
How did your ebaying experience go whenever you were doing that. I can't remember when you did, but thought I remembered you being absent from blogging at some point due to ebaying lots of things...?!!? Am I correct or losing my mind?! Just wondering if you learned anything from that or what you would recommend. I'm trying to sell off a lot of Sophie's old clothes to get some Christmas money.