Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Haircut, Take Two

Just a few weeks after her sister's first haircut, it was Violet's turn. Truth be told, they would have had them done on the same day, but they were both a little skittish about the whole thing and both needed A LOT of talking about it before the big day. We went when each girl, while still a bit anxious, decided that THEY were ready. They both did well, but I must say Violet acted as if she'd had her haircut many times before. She practically climbed into the chair by herself to get started!

Here are the before pictures.

I ended up giving Violet a quick bath and shampoo since our waffle breakfast included syrup. You can imagine the consistency of her hair following breakfast. Not so conducive to getting a hair cut!

Here's the first cut.


Almost done!

All finished! New hairdo, but same sweet Violet!

Enjoying a lollipop outside of the nearby pet store.

After shot of the front...

...and the back!

As hard as it was to let the baby hair go, I think we'll ALL be so much happier. After all, it's JUST hair and it WILL grow back, right?


Anonymous said...

she looks so adorable (naturally)! very 1930's i think.

Unknown said...

oh nanc! she looks so cute! i love the bob. i just cut tessa's hair (and i don't know WHY you wouldn't want to cut the hair of a squirming girl!).

i also love the funny face they watch themselves in the mirror with. zoe almost gets as zoned as if she's watching tv.

CA Skellys said...

I need to cut Adam's and I'm dragging my feet. I'm just not ready to cut off his baby curls but Andrew says their getting too long so be looking for a post soon of me saying goodbye to baby hair, too!

Mrs. Fix said...

I LOVE the haircut! Can't wait to see it in person tomorrow!