Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School

4 years old.
To school three days a week.
Kindergarten--next year!
Where did the time go?
I think this is my favorite picture to date. It was completely spontaneous and not directed by me at all. I love it.

A rare candid of the five of us outside of Amelie's school. Our van-with-three-hubcaps behind us. ("Mommy, why does our van have three silver wheels and one black wheel?")
Sniff, sniff,


Lynn said...

You're right...that picture is ADORABLE! You have such sweet girls (oh, and Linus looks like a hunk of sweetness too).

Annie said...

How exciting!
And your girls look SOOOO cute! I love their little outfits!!
By the way, am I a delinquent Mommy because I do not have a backpack or lunchbag to send with Aiden for pre-school?!?!?! Do they need one?!
Hurry and let me know....Aiden starts on Friday! ;)

Anonymous said...

that is the sweetest picture of the girls! it gives me such happy sister memories!

ChrisandMissy said...

Hey Nancy! As we were driving away from church yesterday, I wondered to myself if you guys had a blog. In a moment of free time...26 hours later...I googled you and here you are. =)
That is a perfect picture of Amelie and Violet!