Sunday, July 01, 2007

What Have we Been Up To?

As promised, some photos from our trip up north--

Ducky and Amelie checking out the water wheel at Findley Lake.

Our Cottage--The Silver Lily

Daddy and Violet waiting to leave for church on Father's Day.

Amelie blowing bubbles into the lake.

Being goofy at a local, yummy restaurant called Pie in the Sky.

After being away for a week, we jumped into our church's Music and Bible Camp. Some members of our church developed this camp from scratch and we did it in place of a canned VBS program which always has parts that need to be rewritten anyway. The theme was "Joy In The Gates" and two of the psalms that they focused on were Psalm 51 and Psalm 150. They found some really incredible music to go along with it and it turned out wonderfully. I just helped in the nursery, but it's always fun to be a part of it.

On Wednesday, I had a follow-up sonogram. (My first was at 16 weeks and I am now at 28 weeks.) Duncan was able to make it this time. We were able to see our little guy again--even some of those 3D pictures! I got some unfortunate news, however. Apparently I have placenta previa and am at risk for placenta accreta because of my previous c-sections. The perinatologist will be seeing me for sonograms every few weeks to see if the placenta has migrated (unlikely at this point but definitely possible) and to see if the placenta has started to embed itself into the uterus.
I'm struggling with many things in all of this. A worst-case scenario would be a hysterectomy immediately after the baby is born. And it all just SOUNDS scary. Another is that the doctor indicated he didn't want me out of the area of the hospital. ("You live in Bowie? I wished you lived closer.") So that means no Canaan Valley vacation with my side of the family in August. (We go every other year.) I am VERY disappointed about this!! It brings me to tears when I think about not being able to go. Also I'm struggling with feeling completely useless and will for potentially several months. The doctor did not put me on bed rest and told me not to be an invalid, however he did tell me to take it easy. But I feel very vulnerable and as if I should be very cautious. It all makes one not want to go through this again, I can assure you!
Boy am I rambling. Please just pray if you think of it. Pray that the placenta would migrate and that if it doesn't that accreta wouldn't develop.
I'm working on being thankful for medical technology, that we can know and be prepared--and that the doctors can be prepared. My anxiety is kicking in again and Duncan keeps telling me to "find the joy" in life rather than continuing to focus on the what ifs. I'm trying...


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Nancy - I will pray. I will call you tomorrow!

Sweet November said...

Just prayed for you and will continue to do so. We'll come visit!

chrissie k said...

We just returned from our little vacation in Erie -- beautiful!

Praying .... praying for PEACE, praying for health, praying for an overwhelming sense of the Lord's grace and sovereignty!

Love you.