Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Exercise in Randomness

1. Last month, on June 17th, which was also Fathers' Day and the day we had a 60th birthday party for Duncan's mom, we had our 7th wedding anniversary. I'm not going to say we celebrated it, because we really haven't yet. But the last 2 years, we celebrated in October for various reasons. With this baby boy coming in September, I think it'll at least be October before we celebrate the 7 wonderful years we've been married.
2. I'm nearing week 30 of this pregnancy, which makes me very excited. I'm seriously struggling with wishing the summer away. (He comes the complaining, chrissiek!!) I just feel so useless around the house and with the kids. I have such a hard time doing the littlest things. I very much look forward to being able to run around with the kids and not always needing to sit down after I pick up something off of the floor. I feel guilty for not simply reveling in this time of (relatively) uneventful nights of sleep, doing all things toddler, and just plain being a family of four. Always something to work on, I guess.
3. On July 4th, we bought and set up bunk beds for the girls. Amelie's on the bottom, which is just her old mattress and box spring laying on the floor. You see, it's technically a loft bed. But at the store, they showed a mattress on the floor of the underneath part, so we took that idea and ran with it. Violet will eventually sleep there. Amelie is getting really good at climbing up and down by herself. Once she's perfected it, she can start sleeping on the top. Oh, and we didn't get the tent. With our slanted ceilings, it wouldn't fit well. We were thrilled that this bed was so short that it fits under the slant in their room. A picture of the slant that I'm talking about is above on that pre-Amelie's birth photo of their room.
4. Amelie starts swimming lessons next week. Next week I also have my next sonogram (to check on my placenta--has it migrated?), glucose tolerance test (yuck!), and regular check up with the ob.
5. The week after that, we have our hospital tour. I've been there to visit people, but I've never had a baby at this hospital. I'm very excited, especially with it being half the distance from our house as the hospital where the girls (and their mom) were born.
6. I need to complete Amelie's pre-school paper work and she needs to get her very first school physical! I'm very excited about her having this school experience. Since she's so timid socially, I think it will really stretch her, in a good way.
7. We bought a new sleeper sofa for our t.v. room. Every time I've been pregnant, I've complained about it and every time, we've talked about replacing it...but never have. My sister bought it, second-hand, nearly 20 years ago. The people that she bought it from had to have had it for at least 10 years before that! Needless to say, it owes us nothing. We took advantage of the July 4th sales this past weekend, but have to wait until at least August 9th before it'll be delivered. Exciting to anticipate, at least.
8. Violet has another eye procedure scheduled for August 20th, as long as I'm not on bedrest. This time the doctor will do the balloonplasty and/or insert tubes. I'm slightly anxious about it, but not nearly as much as the last time. I look forward to her living a eye gook-free life. We had a taste it for 2 weeks and 1 day following the first procedure.

So that's it. Eight random things, that I'm sure you've been wondering about. Tee hee. Next up, Post 100.


Sweet November said...

1. Happy belated Anniversary!
2. I can think of a lot of productive things that I can do sitting down (reading parenting books, sewing, folding laundry, cleaning out my purse, downloading pic on the computer, etc.) so I'm sure you're still be productive in the sitting position.
3. Fun, bunk beds! So when will Violet move out of the crib?
4. Let me know how swimming lessons go! Dylan goes to his 4th class tomorrow.
6. So which school is Amelie going to in the fall? How many days a week? Wow. School...they grow up so fast!
7. We just got our sleeper sofa that we bought in May. I can't believe how long these things take. It's great and my rents will try it out this weekend.
8. I'll be praying for Violet's eyes!

Nancy said...

Your hilarious, Heather.
1. Thanks!
2. You're right. I should focus on what I CAN do, rather than on what I CAN'T do.
3. Violet won't move until after Baby Boy is born and about ready to go into the crib.
6. Amelie is going two days a week, for 3 hours each day to a local Christian pre-school.
8. I covet your prayers, dear friend!

chrissie k said...

Have to say, I love the random posts. Thanks for the reference, I got 5 extra hits today ;) Just kidding...

Gosh golly girl! How to be pregnant with those two keeping you on your toes?? How do you do it?!

I am praying for that womby of yours -- and that sweet lil boy in there too!