Friday, July 28, 2006

My Best Friend how terrible is it that I couldn't remember how to sign on to write a new post? So much for a "new beginning" back in June. It's just that I hardly have time to go to the bathroom, no less do this very often. Enough. I'm doing it now. So, for the topic at hand:
Last night, I was having a hard time falling asleep and I started mentally reminincing about the summer I met my husband. I had SUCH a crush on him and, because of my lack of self esteem, thought he'd never be mine, except for in fantasy land. A flood of memories came to mind...all of the laughter and goofiness of that summer. How all I wanted was to be around him. When I wasn't, I was wondering what he was doing, who he was talking to, what was on his mind. When I perfect it felt to just be in his presence, to have his attention. Partly, that summer, it was infatuation. But as I grow deeper in my love with my husband and as we "grow old along" together, I realize what a treasure that time is for me. I feel so blessed that he picked me! He chose me to be the woman with whom he shares his life. He is so amazing. I often feel undeserving of the blessing that he is to me. He is such an amazing father to our two little girls. He has such patience and tenderness. I often marvel at his wisdom, both in things of the Lord as well as things of this world. What an amzing man the Lord has given to me with whom I get to share my life!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Nancy! Save those precious words, and read them again to yourself in 50 years. -Lee

Anonymous said...

Very moving, Nancy, darling! He's blessed, blessed, blessed by you, as well, my dear--------------as I am! My children, my friends----what an amazing thing! Why people would want to give up the parent part for the friend-only part is beyond me. Spouse and friend or parent and friend.........hmmm, like receiving a pie-with-ice cream-on-top relationship from God!