Saturday, July 29, 2006


I don't usually consider myself to be a trend follower, to an extreme, at least. However, I've joined to Crocs wave. I bought a pair of knock-offs for Amelie on Thursday. This was an attempt to put a stop to the Flip Flop saga. "I want to wear my flip flops. I want to put them on myself. AAAHHHHGGGG! I need help!! No.No.No. I don't need help. I want to put them on myself. I CAN'T DO IT!!" (Fingers into mouth.) And this occurs AT LEAST five times a day. Oh, to be two and a half. So, I was thinking about how UNsupportive my flip flops were--especially while in the kitchen making dinner/doing dishes etc. I've heard about how comfortable the real Crocs were, so I broke down, spent $30 and am now the owner of a pair of chocolate beach crocs. I guess I'm now officially trendy. There are worse things, I suppose.

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