Monday, August 29, 2011

Linus Victory Turns Four

It's hard to believe, that four years ago, on this day, I experienced the most terrifying day of my life thus far.  It wasn't tragic and the outcome has been wonderful.  But I must say that I am honestly not "over" that day.  Hence, unless the Lord wills otherwise, Linus is our number LAST child.  

And we are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us beyond measure, with a boy who is
...and handsome...
...and strong...
...and daring, even when he's scared.
Did I mention silly?
Or handsome?  And growing!

I know many of you that are reading this, walked and prayed through that experience with us.  And for that I am so grateful.  I know even more of you know and love our little boy nearly as much as his momma and daddy.  For those who'd like, I've included the links to the story of my pregnancy with and delivery of our sweet, sweet Linus Victory.

Happy Fourth Birthday, sweet boy!  We love you SO much and look forward to watching you grow and learn and develop into the man that God wants you to be!


Uncle Sam said...

Happy four-year-old birthday to your lovely son. He is very adorable. And I really love the environment of the third picture. I just hope my hometown could be that clean and beautiful. Looking forward to your new updated blog, because I learned some useful English and got fun from your blog.

Mel Snyder said...

"Nancy, I keep up with your blog in the mornings before I start work, and let me tell you that this one brought me to tears more than a few times. Even though you went through such a trying experience with Linus's deliver and hospital ordeals, I am encouraged by your positivity and your outlook still pointed towards the Lord. I have always looked up to you since our lovely tutoring days back in High School, and I thank God for letting me have such wonderful people in my life. Happy Birthday to Linus, as he is a wonderful boy! :-)"