Monday, January 17, 2011

35: It just keeps getting better!

I turned 35 this past Saturday.  The kids were SO excited about my birthday and did a pretty good job of keeping secrets.  I was awoken to presents on the couch:  a family tradition.  

Here I am with three of the greatest gifts God has ever given me!!

After presents, we headed to Silver Diner in Laurel for breakfast.  To all of you locals:  if you've never been there or haven't been in a while, you need to check it out!  We had a wonderful time at breakfast...can't you tell?
Violet's dirty face should say it all!

Back at home, these three cuties and their daddy decorated my cake.
I assured Duncan that this is what the counter looks like after I've made homemade butter cream, as well.  It's not a neat and tidy job!

I even caught this cutie sampling the frosting!

Here we are with the masterpiece!!

What is this masterpiece, you ask?  Well there was much discussion as to what picture I should have on my cake.  (After all, birthdays around here are all about the picture that Mommy puts on your cake!)  It was asked which was my favorite princess.  (Snow White, of course.  Is there any other?)  But then it was brought up that I love the Little House series of books.  So there was quite a that wasn't solved until just before the decorating occurred...but I, the peacemaker, decided to ask for... 
Snow White on the Prairie!  
Perfection, no?  
I think she looks perfect standing in the doorway of her very own Log Cabin on the Prairie!
And please note:  the M and Ms are "m" side up--for Mommy, of course!  Such attention to detail!!

It was delicious, but even better, filled with lots and lots of love.  I'm so thankful for children who want to make my day (and cake!) special and for a husband that makes it happen.
Life just keeps getting better, folks!  
Even if my age now rounds up to 40, who cares when life is this good?


Mrs. Fix said...

Fantastic post and fantastic family you've got there! I love it! The cake looks SO YUMMY too!

Lynn said...

Bah ha ha!!! I was wondering what the final cake outcome would be after our discussion on Friday. Great job Duncan!!! Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet friend.

Sweet November said...

Even if you wouldn't have caught Duncan sampling, I think it would have been hard to keep the evidence off that goatee he's got going there. What's up with that!? He couldn't keep up the clean-cut gig any longer?

Happy Birthday again Nancy! Hope to see you soon.

Megan McDermott said...

1. The pictures of the cake just made me really hungry
2. Violet's rockin' the classic Megan-McDermott-Crooked-Jaw-Smile in the first picture on the couch. *So proud*
3. In the last picture with you guys and the cake Amelie looks like she's 13! Crazy!!!!

Kay said...

how absolutely adorable!! well done, all, on that cake!!

i actually remember feeling that 30 was just so OLD, and then knowing that half way past that was near death!!! so now i eat crow about those comments (apparently i was vocal about opinions, hmmm). it looks like you had a great bday!!

Katie said...

That cake looks great!! I know this is long over due, but Happy Birthday!