Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Anastasia Mansion

The day before Thanksgiving, Ducky (Duncan's sweet momma) took us girls to tea!
We girls got dressed up, grabbed our bears, and headed to the beautiful, Victorian Anastasia Mansion!

Anticipating the goodies!

Each girl got her very own teapot, filled to the brim, with...

We love our Ducky!
Yummy treats!

Me and my sweet girls.

Me and my sweet MIL.

I call this one, "All Done with Manners and Decorum"

After tea, those of us that were antsy, walked around the mansion and took pictures with the mantles and such.

Violet took a liking to this Victorian Doll.

I LOVED the purple mantle!  

Being penguins under the penguin mantle.

Trying on tea hats!

If one is good, two must be better, right?

My gorgeous girls!

They had so much fun on this porch swing!

If you're ever in Erie, PA, I HIGHLY recommend Anastasia Mansion!
Thanks for a great outing, Ducky!

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I LOVE the porch swing pictures!!!!! And the girls in them :) and Ducky, too :)