Friday, August 06, 2010

My Three with Three of their cousins each from my Three siblings' families

 Got that?
We love our aquarium membership!  
We brought three of our cousins there earlier today.  I realized we had one child from each of my siblings' families.  
Four Munros represented in this shot!
 Jack is holding Linus.  He's my brother, Eddie's, youngest and was born the spring of my sophomore year of college (1996).  
Matthew, with Violet, is my sister Kathy's middle.  He was born twelve days before Duncan and I started dating in the fall of my senior year of college(1997).   
Megan has Amelie.  She's my sister Karen's youngest.  She was born the day after Thanksgiving of my senior year of high school(1993).
I must say, that with all of this help, it was my easiest trip to the aquarium EVER!
I love all of our nieces and nephews.  And I love how much they love our three little ones!  
Such sweet relationships!  

That first shot a little squinty, you say?

We'll remedy that!  Good thing Megan has this thing about sunglasses.  And that she had a few extra pairs in her purse!  And thanks to Jack and Matthew for being men and smiling through the glare.
Well, there you have it.  
Half of my parents' grandkids visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore!  
Next time, maybe it'll be the whole dozen...
(Missed you Erin, Patrick, Derek, Austin, Allison and Sarah!
You too, Nate and Katie!!)

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