Monday, September 28, 2009

Murillo Mystery: Solved!

Thanks for all of your guesses!
Yes, I know what it is! This was just my lame attempt at engaging you readers out there. Most of you were on the right track. Although...intimate underwear? Really anonymous?

Thursday afternoon was a sad, sad day for me. As I hurriedly emptied the dishwasher, the crock part of the crockpot slipped out of my hand and fell just two feet to the ground, onto the throw rug that we keep by the sink. It broke into the many pieces you can see here.

Just a few days prior, I was sharing with all that would listen just how much I loved my crock pot. I actually inherited it upon marrying Duncan. I believe it was given to him by his brother and sister-in-law. (Am I right, Ian and Stef?) It allows me to make my simple dinners in the morning or at lunch time and it frees up so much time here at the Salada home. So when it broke last Thursday a genuine pout could be seen on my face. Sensing a blog-worthy even, I snapped a few pictures and cleaned up the mess. I shared the sad news with Duncan as soon as he got home from work. He then suggested we could go and buy a new one, then and there--even though a babysitter was coming so we could catch a baseball game! My depression must have been most evident. I insisted I could wait and that we should follow through with our original plan.

May she rest in "piece."

On Friday night, armed with a 15% off coupon, we took a family trip to Kohls with the intent to scope out the crockpot selection. We discovered this bigger-than-the-old-one-floor-model-with-no-box on sale for 60% off of its original price. The tag said 49.99 with a sale price of 19.99! And another 15% off of that for a total of 16.99 + tax! How's that for a deal?

We brought her home, cleaned her up and she's ready to go. She was going to get her first run tonight, but Duncan suggested we hit Chick-fil-a after our family flu shot appointment. I think he's such a wise man. So, she'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sure she won't disappoint.


Sweet November said...

Awesome deal! So fun to hang out with you guys yesterday! Loved seeing the kids run around.

ChrisandMissy said...

I'm sorry your old one broke, but sweet deal on the new crockpot! And Duncan's dinner venue was definitely wise...especially after shots. Shots ALWAYS warrant one chik-fil-a milkshake.