Friday, May 29, 2009

Ocean City Vacay: Day 1

So many pictures! I just can't decide which ones to share.
I'll start with my favorites from day one.
Yup, all from one day.
And two more days after that one waiting in the wings.

Here we are set to hit the beach for the first time.

We're almost there!

As soon as we hit the sand, Linus kept squatting down to dig. He'd stand up, take a few more steps, and stoop down to dig some more. He and I got pretty far behind the girls and Daddy!

Once Linus realized they were so far ahead of us, he took off in their direction!

We dug, and dug, and filled up buckets, and dumped them out, and dug some more. Did I mention filling up buckets? What about dumping them out?

We got water to make wet sand for castles.

Linus was beside himself with delight. He couldn't decide where it was best to dig. Here? Over there? But what about that spot right there? There was so much DIGGING SAND!

We ended our first day with dinner on the board walk. Dough Roller anyone?
It was a great first day!
A Day Two Riddle: It's plastic, has Elmo and Cookie Monster on it, and a really long string. Any guesses? Check back soon for the answer!

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ChrisandMissy said...

What FUN! I love your description of the sand digging. Linus is so cute. And so are the girls, obviously. =)
As to your riddle, it is most likely a toy manufactured prior to 1997 as toy makers instated a voluntary <12 in. standard for string toys at that time.