Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Letter to the Editor

To the fellow residents of My Hometown:

Isn't Christmastime wonderful? I love the decorations, the sense of anticipation. The preparation we do as a family to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Telling the story of Jesus' birth to our children. Imagining. Answering their questions. Driving around at nighttime and seeing all of the decorations. Which brings me to the purpose of this letter. My request; my plea, if you will. While putting huge blow-ups in my yard is not a choice I would make, I'm thankful for their presence (in seemingly more and more home displays each year) in that they delight my children. I recognize that they are fairly easy to set-up...easier, at the very least, than the wrestling match my husband had with our icicle lights this past Saturday. They are festive and cheery. I get all of that. What I don't get, however, is the failure of most of their owners, or caretakers, to inflate them during the day. It's not like we wouldn't be able to see them during the daytime. Quite to the contrary, we see them. In puddles. Flat on the ground. Having small children during the surge in the use of said blow-ups has caused many a stress-filled car ride around town during the Christmas season. "Mommy, what's wrong with Santa?" or "Oh, no, Mommy! Frosty fell down!" You see, small children don't have the ability to discern between animate and inanimate just yet. Seeing some of their favorite Christmas characters splayed out on your front lawn can be quite distressing for both the child and the parent that already answers 6, 279 questions each day. And that's just before lunch.
So, I'm pleading with you, begging even, that you would consider my plight. If you are going to purchase a large blow-up holiday decoration, please have it "up and running" both day and night. Please don't allow your blow up to lounge around all day. Make sure he's standing tall and proud! For the sake of the children!

Mom of three under five


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Poor Romilly's remark once was "Mommy, he's falling!" Very distressing for them. I'll sign your petition!

ChrisandMissy said...

I hope you're sending this into the newspaper. It's a very cute little letter and I'd bet they would publish it.

Annie said...

Every time Nick and I drive around our neighborhood, we say the same thing: "There's only one thing uglier than a big plastic blow-up decoration in your yard......and that is your deflated, lifeless, trashy, junky looking non-blown up yard decoration."
I think they are the tackiest thing since pink flamingos in your yard. Why don't people stick with nice, simple lights?!
That said, my kids do really enjoy them.
Our neighbor across the street has theirs deflated all day (so we have to stare at the sad, deflated lawn-junk out of our window at every meal) I just don't get it.

I DO think you should send it in to your newspaper! :)

Mrs. Fix said...

Love it.